Before diving deep into React Context, first let’s see why do we need React Context, what is React Context, and many other questions that striking your brain.

Suppose we have an E-commerce app, as shown below.

In the last post we talked about Lifecycle methods, today we’ll see what HOCs or Higher order Components are, and where are they used.

So basically HOCs incorporate the idea of don’t-repeat-yourself (DRY) rule, and it is one of the most important rule in Software Development. …

Today I’ll be talking about another important React.js concept which is Lifecycle methods in class based components and how these can be implemented in functional based components.

Before that let’s see a basic difference between class and function based components.

Function vs class based components

A functional component is a plain JavaScript function, which accepts…

Reacts Hooks are basically used to maintain state of in a React App. React Hooks are introduced in latest version of React which is 16.8, before that state existed only in Class components. When React 16.8 was released, we were able to manage state in functional components as well. Hooks…

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